Abandoned Vehicles of New Hampshire
Rust In Peace

Introduction: The American Dream

Lurking in hidden out-of-the-way places of America are the abandoned remains of a not so distant past. Look hard enough and you will find what is left of that essential possession of every American – the automobile.  No matter what part of the country you come from, the car was your dream and your goal. A rite of passage into adulthood, a path to a career and a ticket to freedom. The open road and its possibilities has long been the desire of the American people. With books like On the Road and movies like Easy Rider we celebrate that open road and the excitement of an unknown adventure. Industry, progress and the need for the new is our way, leaving a history of restless, constantly moving ways. We use these cars to work, to play, go on vacations, or in many cases … “just go”. 

The United States, a relatively young country, with ruins dating only a few centuries has designated our past with iron and steel, not marble and stone. In junkyards, in fields and forests and hidden in garages, you will find the burial grounds of these automobiles. Grand creatures of the recent past, they lie in repose, succumbing to the decay of time, neglect and nature. 

In this book artist and photographer Jerry Lofaro pays homage to the golden age of Automobiles. His attention is not to the pristine artifacts found in museums and collections, but those found in a state of neglect and decay. These are the leviathans, half buried and rusting, waiting for discovery by history seekers before they become fully claimed by nature.  

Take the journey as the past is uncovered. Imagine cruising on the open highway in a luxury transport of chrome, steel, and eight cylinders. It is with his keen eye for detail and drama that Lofaro treads into these recesses of America—and invites you to come along—for the ride.

—January 2021